See How We Can Help You Grow Your Business Online
See How We Can Help You Grow Your Business Online
Any of These Sound Familiar?
Regarding your courses...
  •  You have amazing online courses, but your marketing automation is the biggest bottleneck... because it takes so much time and a specific skillset to build a "converting funnel" that you haven't got one built yet.
  •  You have an email list and following that LOVES you, and maybe even promotional partners with big email lists who want to promote you... but because you don't have a "converting online funnel" you know that you're missing out on sales.
  •  You make great sales of your programs when you speak at an event or manually send emails out to your list, but you're getting tired of the "grind" of selling 1-at-a-time on your own (and wish you had an automated system to generate leads and make sales for your course, 24/7).
Regarding your high-dollar programs...
  •  You know that if you had MORE phone leads, you could grow your business fast... but you have a hard time getting enough, and getting qualified people. 
  •  Your online presence is "just ok", and you want to make it GREAT so that selling and filling spots in your coaching, consulting, services, or retreats are full.
  •  Your heart is in the right place and you have a really POWERFUL message you want to share with more people online, but you don't know whether you should write a book, do a "launch", build a webinar funnel... or something else to achieve your goals!
If So... You're In The Right Place!
... having a proven and professional marketing team develop a winning strategy, build a fully automated sales funnel, and manage your advertising and content strategy for you (so you can focus on being the "expert" out in front)

... having a team test, tweak, and optimize your copy, ads, and sales funnel to increase conversion so you can scale faster.

... getting your project built on time, on budget, and with no annoying "surprises" along the way.

... being able to strategize and work with high-level marketers that help 7 and 8-figure companies.
At Doubek Digital Media, we're more than just
online marketers
We're on a mission to help the top "heart-centered" entrepreneurs serve more customers through smart marketing automation and powerful content creation, advertising strategies, and phone lead generation strategies.
Here's How We Help You Serve More People & Create More Freedom In Your Business...
We have 2 different type of "phone call funnels" designed to get you qualified phone leads coming in every single day. 

If your business could benefit from getting more phone leads, this is for you. 
If you want to sell an online course (or a low end offer), and you want to automate the sales process, our proven digital sales machine is for you. 

This funnel also gets you phone leads on the back end, so you can generate more profit and grow faster.
We run your paid ads and help you build your social presence on the major platforms by putting out high-quality content. 

Content & Ads work in tandem with our messenger marketing packages to get you new leads and sales every month.
Why Top Influencers Love Doubek Digital Media
- Sonia Choquette
NYT Bestselling Author with 24 internationally bestselling books
Why Choose Doubek Digital Media?

We "live and breathe" the online influencer life

Our first big client was Brendon Burchard, and ever since that fateful day more than 5 years ago, we've focused on helping thought leaders with powerful online training programs get their message out to the world and impact lives. 

Not only do we live and breathe online marketing for our clients each and every day, we've also developed more than 5 of our own online courses and coaching programs, so we know where to start, how to move forward quickly based on where YOU are today, and how to get results.

We have a dedicated team of "focus-specific" experts

Each of our divisions (funnels, content, and ads) has a team leader with a very specific set of skills honed over many years of focus exclusively in that area. 

When you work with me and my team, you're getting the very best in each and every service we provide.

Organized projects delivered on time and on budget

When you start a project with us, the cost we quote you is the actual cost of delivery. There are no hidden costs or surprises. 

Because we've built and managed so many projects over the past 5+ years, we know how long it will take to get your copy written, tech built, and to optimize and test your funnel. We deliver on time and on budget, every time.
How to Work With Us So You Can Generate Automated Leads & Sales
We're a "boutique" marketing agency and we LOVE our clients. 
However, we're not for everyone. If the following makes sense to you, we may be a fit.
  •  You have quality products or services, and genuinely care about your customers.
  •  You consider yourself a "heart centered" entrepreneur with integrity, and you only work with other teams who share the same values.
  •  You have a big mission to change the world and impact people's lives, and you want help from experts in other areas to achieve your goals!
  •  You play nice with others, and value respectful work relationships.
  •  You're dedicated to participating in the project and creating what's needed to succeed (meaning you're willing to shoot sales videos, ad videos, and possibly create new content for products or social media).
  •  You have a marketing budget of at least $2,500 + $500 per month.
  •  You're not looking for a "silver bullet get-rich" solution, but instead are willing to work with us to get success.
Sound Good?
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Who is Jesse Doubek?

Jesse Doubek is one of the most-successful online marketers of our time. As Co-Founder and CEO of Doubek Digital Media, his agency has worked with some of the greatest online entrepreneurs in the world (including NYT Bestselling Authors like Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, and Sonia Choquette) and driven a documented $10M+ in sales.
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