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Hey guys, Jesse here with a crazy idea:

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Seriously :). 

One of the most common things people ask me is:
"Jesse, what should I do with my ____"?
This is the question that ALWAYS comes up on our coaching calls. 

You go through a training...

Dive into Facebook or Clickfunnels or Infusionsoft...

And BAM!

Hit a wall. 

What should I name my Fanpage?

What kind of content should I post and how often?

What should my "lead magnet" and products be?

Should I change my price from "X" to "Y" to get more sales?

Which technology should I use for my email autoresponder and membership area?

My ads are costing me "X"... how do I lower the cost and get better people?

These are the kinds of questions I get on a weekly basis, and they're exactly the kind of challenges that hold YOU back. 
You need a mentor...
When you get stuck on problems like this, you cost yourself valuable time, money, and energy. 

The thing is, if you had someone who had already solved that challenge...

Who you could ask for advice and get an answer...

Imagine how much time and trouble that would save you? 

I've found that I can personally save 2x - 10x the time, money, and energy by finding the right person who already has the answer VS. trying to figure it out myself. 

That's why I have incredible mentors and friends that I can turn to when I have a big problem. 

And if you want to move faster and get results easier...

So that you can build your dreams, add serious value to the world, and create a life you love...

Then you need a great mentor too.
Me and my team have already solved any major challenges you're going to face.
For 8+ years, I've worked with some of the top entrepreneurs in the "Influencer" space, including Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, and Sonia Choquette. 

I've also created and released several online courses...

Run live events...

Done group coaching...

Offered marketing services and high-end coaching and consulting...

And much, much more. 

So if you're trying to achieve almost any goal in the "influencer" space, I can guarantee you that me (or someone I have access to) has already solved it. 

I have your answers... and now you can get them faster and easier than ever:
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I'll also throw in FULL ACCESS to my 3 signature training programs:

Training #1 ($297 value): Digital Sales Machine

This is our "beginner training" walking through the fundamentals of creating and starting with generating leads and sales using online marketing.

Training #2 ($997 value): Fanpage Funnel Blueprint

This training has beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections... and will walk you through everything you need to know about attracting raving fans on Facebook...

How to create 3 different types of automated sales funnels (that generate leads and sales for you, 24/7)...

And how to run powerful ad campaigns that generate up to a 15X ROI. 

Training #3 ($297 value): Fanpage Traffic Academy

Our original course showing you how to use Facebook to generate massive amounts of awareness and traffic for your business. 
Yours, FREE, For As Long As You Remain a Member of Influencer Monthly Mentoring.
Yours, FREE, For As Long As You Remain a Member of Influencer Monthly Mentoring.
Yours, FREE, For As Long As You Remain a Member of Influencer Monthly Mentoring.
This Is Now The ONLY Way To Access My Training Programs...
That's right. 

These program are no longer available for sale to the public anywhere else...

And will be available exclusively to YOU, as a member of Influencer Mentoring Monthly, for as long as you remain a member. 

So if you want to take your business to the next level online...

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What the Experts say about us...
"They get better results on FB ads than anyone I know and they've helped me buy and manage FB pages, get awesome click and like prices, and optimize long-running ads in ways no one else can. I love these guys and you'll learn a ton from them!" 
Brendon Burchard
NYT Bestselling Author
"One of the most influential leaders in the field of personal growth." –O, The Oprah Magazine
"Jesse Doubek is responsible for helping us turn our Facebook campaign around. We were spending about $2.50 per conversion. He helped us get that down to $1.25 and DOUBLE our reach! We got 600% more sales and reached new people… cold traffic!"
Charlene Johnson
NYT Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur
“I was so impressed by the work he’s done and liked him so much as a person that I had him come to my stage at Renew University and share his tactics and techniques and they LOVED HIM! And I’m so glad he came because it was a missing piece to helping people take their ideas, put them online, and make it a business.”
Anthony Trucks
Former NFL Football Player, Motivational Speaker, Life & Business Coach, and Entrepreneur
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